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Senior IT Project Manager Quintas energy is seeking a Senior IT Project Manager with 10+ years of experience to join their leadership team, reporting directly to CIO (Group Head of IT), in their headquarters located in Seville, Spain. You will be overseeing everything from the high-level engagement and governance with key decision makers and stakeholders - down through to delivery on the ground with internal and supplier side delivery teams. Roles and Responsibilities The Senior Project Manager will be responsible for the management of the full life cycle of assigned projects, from the identification of the need, participating in the management of the demand with the business areas, until the delivery of the solution, including the correct execution of the project in terms of scope, resources and timelines. The Senior Project Manager: - Will participate, together with the CIO, in identifying the needs of the business areas, as a source of new projects. - Will help business areas to set the scope of the requested projects. - Will participate in the development of The Business Cases that support the approval of the projects, as part of the IT Systems Plan. - Will have a clear understanding of the technical scope and objectives of the information systems and ensure that project teams commit to delivering the product. Will help define and document the scope and objectives of the project, involving all participants and ensure projects feasibility. - Effectively direct and provide essential information to project teams, as appropriate, promoting and contributing to the unit of the team. - Will coordinate and follow the results of the project team and ensure that activities are carried out within the budget. The effective evaluation, interpretation and presentation of the relevant details to the various committees and management bodies. - Will work closely with external companies, coordinate their activities and ensure the high quality of the delivered product. - It will recommend improvements and/or facilitate problem resolutions. Will be responsible for the elaboration of the Project Plan and all specific monitoring and control activities throughout the life cycle of the project. - Will report on the progress in the implementation of the Plan, identifying deviations and implementing corrective actions. It shall also inform the Directorate of those risk elements that require mitigation actions. - Will ensure that the product is delivered on time and meets project requirements. - Will participate in the entire process of hiring external suppliers, as support to the CIO. - Will manage the testing and validation phases of the project. - Will prepare project reports. Will report regularly on the status of the projects. Will use best practice methods for project reporting and documentation. - At the end of the project, will conduct a discussion analysis and document the successes and lessons learned for future projects.
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  • 06/08/2019
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  • 04/11/2019