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Descripción del curso
Objetivo del curso: The Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing prepares candidates for a wide variety of careers in marketing management, such as brand management, product development, retailing, services marketing, business to business marketing and marketing for non-profit organisations. Dirigido a: YOU will benefit from the ESE MSc Program, if YOU are willing to:. develop your skills and challenge yourself. travel. study foreign languages. interact with different cultures. pursue your career in a competitive international business environment. be tested on a daily basis
The Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing prepares candidates for a wide variety of careers in marketing management, such as brand management, product development, retailing, services marketing, business to business marketing and marketing for non-profit organisations. As part of the Marketing specialisation, master students explore: · innovative practices in both manufacturing and service sectors and how firms can gain competitive advantage, market share and reduce cost · e-commerce, e-business, and the optimisation of technological structures as a strategic marketing tool · marketing strategies of international organisations and approaches to a new international market opportunities · customer-driven marketing strategies in emerging economies · the connectivity between marketing communication and strategy, and criteria for using different promotional techniques and media in integrated marketing campaigns · crossing national borders in the business world, and the operational, legal and logistical problems that commonly occur Skills Acquired · conceptual thinking, critical analysis, and the implementation of strategic action · advanced communication and inter-personal skills · in-depth critical understanding of relevant theories, concepts and models and the integration of theory and practice in a variety of contexts · advanced enquiry and research skills, holistic thinking, integration and synthesis · team working and motivational skills · inner responsibility and self-inspection skills required for effective leadership. Course Programme The Master of Science (MSc) programme is a 12-month course. All of the ESE postgraduate master degree programmes are taught in English and have a standard 180 UK credit structure (90 ECTS credits). Completion of the master's programme necessitates: · full-time, compulsory attendance · internship placements & third year project · final dissertation Term I 4 core courses, common to all master students, regardless of specialisation. Term II 4 specialisation courses in marketing. Term III Internship programme, typically three-months in durations, and the module Research Methods and Modelling Techniques to prepare students for their final dissertation research. Term IV Final dissertation and presentation of completed research and results. Subjects TERM ONE (4 of the following modules) · Business Research Methods · 21st Century Advanced Business Structures · Organisations and their Cultures · Managing for Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility · Decision Techniques · Management of Resources and Operations TOTAL CREDITS TERM ONE: 60 TERM TWO (4 of the following modules) · Innovation Development and Management · E-Marketing Strategies · International Strategic Marketing · Marketing for Developing Economies · Integrated Marketing Communication · International Business Management TOTAL CREDITS TERM TWO: 60 TERM THREE · Research Methods and Modelling Techniques · Internship Placement TOTAL CREDITS TERM THREE: 30 TERM FOUR · Final Dissertation TOTAL CEDITS TERM FOUR: 30 TOTAL MSc MANAGEMENT CREDITS 180* *180 UK credits equivalent to 90 ECTS credits Internship Programme ESE offers one of the most extensive and competitive internship programmes available today. The quality of the placement service is a result of the long established relationships that ESE has fostered with global companies for years. This means that students are given excellent opportunities to enter the job market and gain exposure. The internships are structured, evaluated and recognised as an integral part of the course of study and provide each student the opportunity to spend a period of time in a work environment consistent with the chosen specialisation. ESE has a placement department in every centre responsible for maintaining close relationships with both students and companies, in order to offer each student the possibility of entering a company or an area of business which is of true interest. The completeness of this preparation - a mix of academic excellence, internationality and work experience -allows ESE graduates to kick off their careers without hesitation, often in the same companies that hosted them for their internships. Entry Requirements Entrance into one of the master programmes at ESE requires the submission of the following documents to the Admissions Office at the ESE centre of interest: · application form (click here to apply online) · official copy of the college or university undergraduate diploma · official copy of the college or university transcripts · resume/CV · two letters of recommendation · 6.5 IELTS, 90 iBT TOEFL or 233 CBT TOEFL* (for non-native English speakers) · photocopy of passport / ID document · three passport-sized photographs · non-refundable € 50 application fee * ETS Codes for the European School of Economics (for the Toefl exam) vary by location: ESE London is 5977, ESE New York is 5978, ESE Rome and ESE Madrid is 1610, ESE Milan is 5974 and ESE Florence is 5976. *English Proficiency Candidates who have been studying for at least three years in an English speaking institution are not required to present a language qualification (TOEFL or IELTS). Scholarships The scholarship is awarded by the ESE Foundation as a partial deduction from the annual tuition fee. Each student profile is considered individually. This scholarship is based on both the academic merit and need of the student applicant. It is therefore important that scholarship applications provide the Foundation Scholarship Committee with a complete profile of the student's personal, professional and/or academic merits. To apply for the ESE Scholarship students must complete the scholarship application form and send it together with the master's application form and documents, including at least one letter of recommendation and a financial statement, to the ESE admissions office where they wish to study. To maintain their scholarship award students must demonstrate continued academic excellence throughout their studies at ESE. For more information about the scholarship, please contact the ESE centre of interest.
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