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  • TESOL ,TEFL , ESL are not required

General Scope of Responsibilities: The teacher is responsible for all planning, teaching, and assessment in the general education agency to guide all children through the learning process.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Teach each student through planning and individualizing instruction to meet student needs.
  • Meet professional responsibilities listed in the KPI plan.
  • Plan a variety of appropriate individual and group activities in order to accommodate various learning styles.
  • Work cooperatively with staff, parents, colleagues, and administrators.
  • Select appropriate learning materials from available sources: texts, supplements, media, etc.
  • Encourage students to work to the best of their abilities and to take pride in their achievements.
  • Create an atmosphere conducive to the development of confidence and respect for teachers and students
  • Promote self-awareness, self-respect, appropriate behavior and responsibility.
  • Provide a stimulating environment in which students learn and interact.
  • Assess and evaluate student learning on an ongoing basis.
  • Maintain professional attitude in working with others.
  • Effectively manage student behavior.
  • Participate in and contribute to school programs, projects and professional activities.
  • Follow guidelines with regard to recordkeeping, documentation, and reporting.
  • Communicate pertinent information related to self, student, program and agency.
  • Model appropriate social skills and behaviors.
  • Foster self-worth and independence in students.
  • Support program and agency goals.
  • Lift/restrain students when necessary.
  • Perform other duties associated with the teaching position.

Preferable Qualities/Competencies:

  • TESOL ,TEFL , ESL are not required
  • Team player, positive attitude, and successful track record in the elementary setting.
  • Be patient and willing to get along with the children.
  • Experience in the development of comprehensive systems of academic and social-emotional learning and supports is a plus.
  • Strong academic, communication, and professional learning skills.
  • Experience working with culturally, socially, and economically diverse student/parent populations.
  • Ability to use data to assess, monitor, and improve teaching and student performance.
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  • 22/05/2018
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