Curso de CISCO Asa Ngfw with Firepower Services Technical Workshop V2.0 Online

itFormacion On-Line
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CCNA Certified preferably CCNA Security certified

Understand and articulate the features and benefits of Cisco's Next Generation Adaptive Security Appliances
Complete initial set-up
Access and Manage the ASA via ASDM Install, configure and Integrate Cisco CX Software Modules with an existing ASA
Integrate Active Directory for user and user-based policies
Understand the differences between Cloud Web Security and Web Security Essentials
Understand Cisco's Competitive Advantage

Dirigido a

Pre-sale consultants and engineers involved in customer demostrations and proof of concept environments.


Module 1: Introducing the New Mid-Range Cisco ASAs - 5506-X, 5508-X and 5516-X and the Next Generation Firewall Services - FirePower Services v5.4.1.

Cisco ASA Product Range
ASA Architecture
How to Sell - Migration Driver
Competition Advantage
Licensing, Benefits and Components
Module 2: Installing, Configuring and Integrating the ASA FirePOWER Services (SFR) module within an ASA.

Module 3: Introducing the ASDM v7.3(3) with on-box the FireSIGHT Management.

Module 4: Exploring the off-box FireSight Management Center.

Verify the licenses
Add the ASA FirePOWER Services (SFR) Module
Network Discovery
Module 5: Using the Cisco Security Manager (CSM) to cross-launch the FireSIGHT Management Center.

Module 6: Integrate FireSIGHT Management Center with Microsoft Active Directory and the SourceFire User Agent.

Create a user and user-group based policy
Module 7: Explore the Initial System and Health policy settings of the SFR Module.

Module 8: Examine the FireSIGHT Management Intrusion Protection System (IPS) Mechanisms.

Module 9: Explore FireSight Management Center URL Filtering.

Module 10: Examine the FireSIGHT Management Center File Policies to block file applications and malware.

Module 11:Implement FireSIGHT Management Access Policies to:

Access un-acceptable web sites to trigger to block or interactive block response page.
Access file transfers to trigger the blocking File Policy rule.
Trigger the malware blocking policy rule during a malware file transfer.
Trigger the Intrusion Prevention System during an attack.
Module 12: Examine the Connection, Intrusion Protection and Malware Events in the FireSight Management Center Reporting System. Module 13: Test the user based Access Control Policy.

Module 13: Analyse the FireSIGHT Management Center Application, User, Treat Analysis and Indications of comprise reports.

Module 14: Explore the FireSIGHT Management Center Dashboard.
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